Principle of the system

Finnet International is the company and the provider of the Revolutionary Income that approaches and addresses clients who want to gradually buy Swiss investment gold of Argor Heraeus brand from Swiss Gold company.

Finnet International, based on the broker agreement concluded under the Commercial Act, collaborates with brokers who recommend a website with their unique code, such as If someone gets registered on this site and buys investment gold from Swiss Gold, then the company pays a commission to Finnet International and then Finnet International, due to a unique code, knows which agent to pay a commission to. Brokers can thus create their own teams and receive commissions from the production of their teams.

Code of Conduct

for the „Revolutionary Income“ participants

The Code of Conduct is a practical set of the main rules of good manners for the „Revolutionary Income“ participants.

„Revolutionary Income“ Participant's Definition

The „Revolutionary Income“ participant is an individual, who has joined the affiliate program of Finnet International, limited company, by registration on the website or its other language variants,,, and hereby started its business activity.

„Revolutionary Income“ Participant's Obligations – Code of Conduct

  1. The participant will constantly endeavour to develop their affiliate program and to preserve their common identity and Revolutionary Income's good reputation as well.
  2. The participant's advertising for their intermediary business team's new members recruitment will be unequivocal with no misleading information.
  3. All the advertisements and advertising materials for the recruitment of new members dealing directly or indirectly with future results, numbers or earnings, which are to be expected by the new members, must be factually correct, eligible and without any misleading advertising.
  4. The participant will always avoid falsities, misrepresenting of the facts and providing information in a misleading way.
  5. The participant is obliged to provide all the media (including blogs, discussions, social networks) only with objective information based upon facts.
  6. The participant will not participate on promotion of Revolutionary Income in a dishonest and unprofessional way, which would decrease and threaten Revolutionary Income's credibility.
  7. The participant undertakes not to use spamming practices in connection to Revolutionary Income in any way. By spam we mean especially sending unsolicited mail, e-mail, posting irrelevant entries into discussion forums, making websites aimed on spamming of searching engines results, mass sending of unwanted messages in social networks. Revolutionary Income has ZERO SPAM TOLERATION POLICY.
  8. The participant also undertakes to always obey rules of all the discussions, discussions forums and social networks concerning Revolutionary Income.
  9. The participant will under any circumstances keep all the usual rules of polite behaviour and will remember that what is inappropriate in ordinary life is also inappropriate on the internet.
  10. In connection to Revolutionary Income the participant will always respect authorship laws and valid legislation.

Breaking the Code of Conduct

By breaking of the above mentioned points of the Code of Conduct by the participant of Revolutionary Income, their participation in the affiliate program of Finnet International, limited company, may be immediately terminated, contracts cancelled and their commissions permanently revoked.

Reporting of spamming participant

Do you think any registered member of Revolutionary Income has been breaking the Code of Conduct, spamming or otherwise behaving in an inappropriate way? Please fill out the following form.

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